December 9, 2023

Enjoy Winter Today!

The base is early season thin but the forest is midwinter beautiful!
11 km of Ski Trails Open: Dog Days, Hare Cut, I95, Grover’s Grind, and Tibbetts Loop.  Packed powder conditions.  Groomed flat, not tracks due to the thin base.
Winter continues for another day today!  Snow is still in the trees and temperatures are milder.
The base is thin, especially under pine trees that are still holding a lot of snow so there are no tracks today.  There are thin spots and icy spots, mostly on the golf course, that can be avoided by skiing around them on the edges.  Please be aware and use caution as these early days of skiing can harbor “snow snakes” that like to grab your skis.  The best skiing is on I95 and Grover’s Grind.  The recommended route out to I95 is to use Dog Days – Pasture Path – Hare Cut – Mill Brook.
Some trails have been prepped with a roller but not fully groomed out.  These trails are not ready for skiing as the cover is low.  If a trail has corduroy and is on the open list, it is good to go.  The weather starting Sunday afternoon does not look good and the trails are likely to close Sunday afternoon.  Enjoy the skiing while you can and we will be back with the next snow storm! Keep up your snow dancing!
No fat biking today as the snow is still soft but Dam Loop and Bingham have been packed and the cold temperatures are helping firm up the surface.  Snowshoeing is good on Dam Loop and Bingham Loop.
The Bethel Outing Club Ski and Snowboard sale continues today from 9 am to noon at the Gould Fieldhouse.  Lots of great gear and deals to be found.

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