Stock Gifts

With stock markets at record highs, making a gift with appreciated stock may be a tax-wise method to support Inland Woods + Trails. Gift of stock may also allow you to make a larger donation than with cash. Please consult your advisor and financial planner before making any decisions.

IRA Gifts

Individuals 70 ½ and older may donate up to $100,000 per year directly from an IRA to Inland Woods + Trails, known as a Qualified Charitable Contribution (QCD). Gifts from an IRA may also count toward the annual Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Restrictions and special instructions apply. Please consult with your advisor before making such gifts.

Employer Matching Gifts

Will your employer match your gift to Inland Woods + Trails? It’s an easy way to potentially double your gift.

Honorarium, Memorial, Tribute Gifts

Gifts to Inland Woods + Trails in memory, in honor, or as a tribute is a special way to recognize someone you love or care for while supporting IWT. Upon making your gift to IWT, please tell us for whom you are making a gift in honor or memory of, so that we may notify the family informing them of your gift.

Bequests & Legacy Gifts

By naming Inland Woods + Trails in your will or trust arrangement as a primary or contingent beneficiary, IWT supporters can leave a legacy for their beloved organization and for future generations to enjoy. If you have already left IWT in your estate plans, please contact Gabe Perkins at so that IWT can properly recognize your commitment.

Wills and Trusts

The most common way to leave a legacy gift to Inland Woods + Trails in through your will or trust. Bequests to IWT can be for a specific dollar amount or property, as a part or all your residuary, or as a contingent beneficiary. If you already have a will or trust established, these can be updated to include IWT at any time.

To include Inland Woods + Trails in your will or estate plans, please use the following language.

“I hereby bequeath _____ (specify percentage or amount, or property) to Inland Woods + Trails, a Maine nonprofit corporation with a principal place of business address of _________. Federal tax ID #___________, for its general use and purposes.”

Beneficiary Designations

Life insurance policies and retirement plan assets are other simple ways to designate Inland Woods + Trails as a primary or contingent beneficiary. Leaving charity as a beneficiary of your retirement plan often saves on taxes and leaves more for your heirs. You may also designate IWT as a beneficiary on other financial accounts and Donor Advised Funds. Beneficiary designations are easy to complete and can often be done directly on the plan providers website.

Charitable Trusts

Establishing charitable trust arrangements is another way to include Inland Woods + Trails in your estate planning. Please consult your advisor to determine if this is the right consideration for you and your family.

Real Estate

By donating real estate to Inland Woods + Trails today, you may be able to reduce capital gains tax or receive an income tax deduction. Real estate gifts do not need to have conservation value; your personal residence, vacation home/condominium or commercial property can also be donated to IWT. If accepted, IWT will sell the asset and use the proceeds to support IWT’s mission. Please contact Gabriel Perkins at (207) 217-7262 or for a confidential conversation.

Personal Property

Your art collection, valuables, and other personal property that you have acquired with care and thought over a lifetime can be donated to Inland Woods + Trails. Under certain circumstances, you may qualify to receive a tax deduction for your donation of personal property. Please consult with your advisor before making any decisions.

In-Kind Gifts

Inland Woods + Trails most welcomes your in-kind gifts for events, volunteer workdays, and general operations of the business. Please contact Gabriel Perkins at for a list of current needs and wishes.

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