Trails available & stats:

Single track bike trail: 3.6 mi

  • Take Off (easy): 0.7 mi
  • Fawntastic (easy): 0.4 mi
  • Bull Pine (easy): 0.6 mi
  • Rope Tow (intermediate): 1.9 mi

Double track multiple use pathways and woods roads: 1.14 mi

  • High School Trail: 0.94 mi
  • Inrun Road: 0.2 mi


  • Bikers have the right-of-way on single-track bike trails 
  • Dogs allowed on leash or under voice command on all trails 
  • Authorized vehicles may be present at any time on all double-track roads and pathways 
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited on all single track bike trails
  • Active forestry may be occurring at any time 
  • Carry out all litter, including pet waste
  • Snowmobilers and ATVers traveling on double track trails, respect landowners and adhere to directional signage provided by local clubs that are posted along the corridors

Maine Trail Finder Link: Pennacook Area Community Trails

Pennacook Area Community Trails (PACT) is an Inland Woods + Trails project to develop a network of high-quality single-track mountain bike trails through many private and town-owned parcels in the River Valley area of Rumford Maine. In fall of 2019, the first half mile of the trail “Take Off” was built with a trailhead located at the Mountain Valley High School. In fall 2021, a large bridge was constructed along with an additional quarter of a mile to connect segments of trails and prep for a longer build in 2022. The project was completed in summer 2022, providing approximately 4 miles of single-track and 2 miles of double-track trails.

The Connection: Connecting the Rumford and River Valley community to fun, high-quality recreation opportunities such as mountain biking is part of IWT’s goal of providing recreation as a tourism opportunity for communities. 

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