Trails available & stats: 

Single track bike trail: 6.6 mi 

  • Crescent Park School Trail (easy) 0.34 mi 
  • Bingham Loop (easy) 1.25 mi 
  • Bingham Extension (easy) 0.77 mi 
  • Helix (intermediate) 3.07 mi 
  • Fluffernutter (intermediate) 1.17 mi 

Double track multiple use pathways and woods roads: 5.96 mi 

  • Mill Brook 0.84 mi 
  • I-95 1.68 mi 
  • Grover’s Grind 1.7 mi 
  • Uncorked 0.67 mi 
  • Percolator 0.27 mi 
  • Hemlock Drop 0.29 mi 
  • Skyline 0.51 mi 


  • Bikers have the right-of-way on single track bike trails 
  • Golfers and golf carts have the right-of-way at all cart crossings.  
  • Dogs are allowed on all trails on leash or under voice command in the woods sections but must be leashed at fairway crossings and areas where trail is in close proximity to the golf course. 
  • No walking, running, biking, or dogs on the golf course or golf cart paths. 
  • Authorized vehicles may be present at any time on all double-track roads and pathways 
  • Motorized vehicles are prohibited on all trails  
  • Active forestry may be occurring at any time 
  • Overnight camping is prohibited 
  • Carry out all litter, including pet waste. 

Maine Trail Finder Link: Bethel Village Trails: Summer Trails

The Bethel Village Trails can be accessed from The Bethel Resort or by parking on Broad Street in Bethel. In 2016, Inland Woods + Trails assumed operations of the winter trails center from The Bethel Resort. This network now includes year-round recreation with a network of cross-country ski, snowshoe, and fat biking trails in the winter and mountain biking trails in the summer. This would not have been possible without significant investment and volunteer contributions from our community. We are grateful to landowners that partner with us, including private landowners and The Conservation Fund.

The connection: The Bethel Village Trails is at the core of IWT’s goal of community connectivity. The network provides recreation on the outskirts of Bethel Village, close to area businesses and not far from our other trail networks.

Crescent Park School: Crescent Park School, the local public elementary school located in Bethel Village, contains an easy single-track bike trail that can also be accessed by those willing to explore the bike trails of Bethel Village. From the Bethel Village trail network, the Crescent Park School trail can be accessed from The Bethel Resort trailhead by going from Broad Street to Mason Street to Crescent Street, or by going from Fairway Road to Paradise Road to Evergreen Road.  

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