Project cost: $10,000

Inland Woods + Trails has recently been awarded a $10,000 International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Trail Accelerator Grant for this summer. In June 2022, folks from IMBA will be visiting the Community Forest to get the plan started!

IWT and a host of community partners want to add trails to the Bethel Community Forest and the Bingham Forest, with the end goal of a 30 to 40-mile diverse trail system close to town, which includes three schools. At the same time, the increase in trails will help Bethel leverage its current winter tourism into a recreation-based economic driver year-round, while protecting and enhancing the wild, natural beauty of the area. Although Oxford County is blessed with outdoor opportunity, it is still one of the least healthy counties in Maine, so the trails will offer a vital avenue to help local residents improve their physical and mental health. Once the trail system is under way, two local youth riding programs will enjoy better access and sustainability to bolster their efforts.

More information about the grant can be found on IMBA’s site:

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